World Class Advertising Media

Split media house

More than 12 years in the creative field.
With Quality at Its Best!

We used to be a part of creative business families, different markets. through
collaborations and as part of their business.
And over the decade through multiple brands and cooperation’s we delivered the best of media
and visual marketing and advertising field.

Split Studio is a media house agency, we create everything that requires art and beauty for startups, mass production and everything in between.

We are the industry heads and produce the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.

Video Production

Branding & Graphic design

Individual Art services

“The only place where you’ll get the most perfect solution for all your industry needs, And more”

Who We Serve!


Every start up, requiring a kick-starting media, from the identity & social media kit to the video ads and life-time media support

Mass Production

Wide experience in daily use product, we create the media that helps attract attentions and making actions towards certain products.

Creative People

Perfect solutions for designers and concept artists, we provide digital arts services, restoring lost materials – fix design to CMYK/Pantone for printing & many more

Need Help with your business? seriously we can lit it.